Sunday, May 14, 2017

George Davis 1783-1863

George Davis born May 5th 1783 Shrewsbury Monmouth New Jersey. He is my 5th great grandfather. His father was William Davis (1754-834) and his mother was Elizabeth Havens ( 1754-1834) He married Amy Davis 21 Nov 1803 in Harrison, Virginia ( Now West Virginia) They had seven children. Her parents were John Davis (1754-1842) and Marvel Maxson ( 1768-1813)  He married a second time to Sarah Beckulu after his first wife died after 1820.

Joel born 1803 Salem, Harrison WV
Elionia born 31 Dec 1807  Salem Harrison WV  married Sophia Davis ( parents are William & Elizabeth Davis) Died 1 Jan 1898 Emporia, Lyon, Kansas
Levi born 1812    Salem, Harrison, WV married Nancy Blue. Died 1851 St. Lois MO.
Lurana born ( my 4th great grandmother) born abt 1812 Salem, Harrison WV. Married Davis Sutton.
Daniel born abt 1816 born Salem, Harrison, WV
Eliza Jane born 5 May 1817 Salem, Harrison, WV Married Jepta Davis. Died 2 Jan 1892 Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio
Lewis Alexander born 7 Oct 1820 Salem, Harrison, WV Married Deborah Davis. Died 2 Feb 1890 Elk City, Cloud, Kansas.

George Died 6 Aug 1863 Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio. His ancestors help create Seventh Day Adventist Church.

George Davis Will

Monday, November 7, 2016

Margret Elda Cunningham 1829-1898

This week I have been chasing after the Cunningham family line. Margaret Elda Cunningham is my 3rd great grandmother.
She was born 12 Dec 1829 in I believe Hancock Co. Indiana.

I am not sure how or if she is related to the people in the 1850 census record above. I need to do more research of this family group. This census was taken in Oct 1850

On the 1860 census record, Margret is living with Levi Harding and his family. I dug into this family group to see if I can see if Margret is related to them or not. The answer I believe is yes, looks like Levi was her half brother. It seems he either goes by Levi or Irvin, the last name spelled Hardin or Harding. I found a 1850 census record of Margaret living with Rebecca Cunningham and Irvin Harding. In the above record there is a Rebecca age 59. Her maiden is Wilson. She was married to Mel Harding in 2 April 1820 in Fayette Indiana.They had a child name Irvin. Rebecca married William Cunningham on 9 July 1824 in Rush Indiana. Looks like she remarried to a Dungan.

This census was taken in Sep. 1850. Looks like Margaret was on two census for 1850. It looks like she may had 2 sisters Sarah J born in 1827 and Armilda C. born 1832. Both being born in Indiana.
The below record is Margaret marriage to Jeffery Jones. They were married 2 Dec 1860.

Before 1880 they moved to Neosha, Woodson, Falls Kansas. It looks like her half brother Levi lived in Kansas too. In 1880 he was in Coffey Kansas. I also found him on a Kansas census record for 1895 in Neosha Falls Kansas.

She passed away on 26 Nov 1829 in Neosho Falls, Woodson, Kansas

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cornelius Sutton 1750-1850

Cornelius Sutton is my 6th great grandfather. He was born 30 Oct 1750 and died 30 Sep 1850. He lived to be 99 years old. So far, he seems to be the relative that lived the longest that I found so far. He was born in New Jersey and he died in West Virginia. The 1850 Federal census puts his at 99 years old. He was living with Nathan and Jane Davis.  Cornelius parents were Amos Sutton and Jane Clawson They both were born in New Jersey.  Cornelius was married twice. The first marriage was to Elizabeth Applegate and the 2nd was to Elizabeth Davis. She was married to the Deacon Ephraim Maxson in 1764.

Cornelius and Elizabeth Applegate children:
Sarah 1779-1863
Hannah 1774-1854
Cornelius 1780-1859
John 1785-1869

Cornelius Sutton 1850 Federal Census Record West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia
I am not sure who Nathan & Jane Davis is that Cornelius is living with. They could be related. I do know that the Sutton, Davis, and Maxson families were very close.

Marriage record of Cornelius Sutton and Elizabeth Davis Maxson 18 Sep 1806 West Virginia

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jeffery Jones 1830-1911

Jeffery Jones is my 3rd great grandfather. He was born 25 Oct 1830 in Ohio. He was a farmer.
1850 Federal Census Record for Clinton, Indiana
In 1840-1850 he lived in Owen,Clinton, Indiana. With his parents. Samuel and Mary Jones. Samuel was 68 years old. Which puts his birth abt 1782 in New Jersey. Mary was 57. Born abt 1793 in Virginia. He had 3 brother James born abt 1835 in Ohio, Jacob born 1839 in Ohio and Isaac born 1834 born in Ohio.

I am hoping to find where in Ohio they were born at. The hard part in research is that they had a very common name "Jones" I am hoping that my DNA results would leading to the right group of Jones in Ohio and New Jersey. I am hoping to find a marriage record for Jeffery mother and father. Were they married in Ohio?

Jeffery Jones married Margaret Elda Cunningham 02 Dec 1860 in Clinton, Indiana.
They had 9 children
Oliver 1862-1928
William 1863-1937
Emmazetta 1864-1864
Laura 1866-1901
Elmira 1867-1945 ( 2nd great grandmother)
Isadora 1868-1957
Samuel Mason 1870-1944
Alva 1872-1961
Elmer 1876-1949

In 1880 Jeffery was living in Neosha Falls, Woodson, Kansas

1880 Federal Census Neosha Falls, Woodson, Kansas
 He was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The group purpose for its members are, to help make the world a better place, by helping others in time of need. By giving to that would benefit the less fortunate. To promote good will to all. The main priciples of the group is friendship, love, truth, faith, hope, charoty and universal justice.

Jeffery Died 16 May 1911.
Find A Grave
Death Notice of Members of Fraternal Order

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unknown DNA Match Common Shared Matches With Veteto & Estes

I am so frustrated with a DNA match right now. This one person on Ancestry matches with me, both my 2 uncles and my cousin. I have been trying to figure out how they are related and who they are.

They match with my uncle at 724 cm across 36 segments. That is a pretty good match. They are about 1st cousin to great grandparent level. I check on the shared matches, they shared match with other cousins who are from the Veteto family line. Now here is the kicker. They also related to my cousin who is an Estes at 1665 cm at 66 segments. That put them related to my cousin at half sibling to grandparent. That is very very closely related. You may wonder why don't I just contact the match? I tried at least 3 messages since Aug 14, 2016 and still no reply back. I have no idea if Ancestry message system is on the fritz again or not. I know last week I got a message from someone I wrote back in Dec of 2015. I message them back to ask them to remind me what I wrote to them about in the first place, due to I can't recall that far back. I haven't heard back from them. As you can see now why this match is so frustrating to me. I am hoping this person will contact me back soon. I don't want to be a DNA stalker.

Until I hear back from them, I have been trying to figure out the one only last name they had and try to research their family to see how they might be related to the Veteto and Estes family line. So far no luck on seeing the connection between the two. This should be interesting on how this turns out. I have my suspicions on the Veteto side, but not on the Estes side.

Update: Found who the match is: It is a 1st cousin child who took the test. Yipee, they are related from both sides. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Photo's That Was Found

Here is some more photo's, that was found. I am hoping that one day we can figure out who they are of. I believe these photo's were once owned by Elmira Jones Veteto. I believe they are of the Jones, Veteto, and Cunningham. Many of the photo's were taken at  Neosho Falls and Yates Center in Kansas. If anyone recognize these people in the photos please let me know. You can contact me at

This might be Samuel Jones, Elmira Jones Veteto brother

Friday, February 21, 2014

We are searching for others who may help us identify the people in photos. Recently a couple big tote boxes showed up at my door step from a cousin. There are many photos of who we have no idea who they are. I believe that many came from my 2nd great grandmother Elmira Jones Veteto, who married William Veteto and remarried William R. Blackburn and the photos were passed down to her daughter Margaret Barron. I think many photos were collected from Garmon and Wanda Estes as they were doing the family tree back in the 1970- 1980s and they were given to them by various family members. Many photos are of the late 1800s- 1960s in Kansas

Family Group Names:


I will be sticking up some photos here on the blog. If you recognize any of these, or if you know someone that might be able to. Please contact me at with the photo number. I also can link you to more photos that we have.

unknown # 1

unknown #2

unknown #5

unknown #7

unknown #9

unknown #10

unknown #11

unknown #12

unknown #14

unknown #15

unknown #17

unknown #20

unknown #26

unknown #27

unknown #28

unknown #29 Not too sure if this man is William Veteto (look below) or if it is Stephen Veteto. They were a couple years apart in age.

unknown #30

William Veteto 1898 American Spanish War with a 1873 Springfield Trap Door rifle that was made in 1873, that was used in the Spanish War.